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https://h2ox.io/F1427_CQKW2LNWQ86KNL http://paidnew.com/wallets/ghetto-pass.php?wl=11&id=11 Earn 10 free SToKeN for every 1000 storage SToKeN on your wallet every week 1% more for weekly distribution if it has a total of 100 waves volume sold new SToKeN order list of the new SToKeN sold - 0.000001-9 9lvl 1500000 tkn / lvl - 0.00001-9 9lvl order 3000000 tkn / lvl - 0.0001-9 lvl order 1500000 tkn / lvl - 0.001-9 9lvl order 250000 tkn / lvl total of stoken - 182000000 Decimals - 0 we will not sell any SToKeN all SToKeN will have to be buy from the list every 10 waves of new SToKeN sold we buy for 2.5 waves every 24h that are not from our list order distribution for storage ** Tuesday morning** follow all the new information on https://forum.wavesplatform.com or social networks


Waves Wallet Address Starts with 3p

Claim coins to your TheMoney account.The more coins you can claim the more chances you have to withdrawal no maximum. The more Orbs you collect more TheMoney you get. Use Waves Platform to get a wallet and add coins to it above.


Orb Leaders

  • 2019-06-15 13:44:34  User  1 Claimed 1.7 TheMoney Received 68 Orbs! 

  • 2019-06-08 16:46:27  User  2 Claimed 0.35 TheMoney Received 14 Orbs! 

Latest Activity
  • 2019-06-15 13:44:34 User  1 Claimed 1.7 TheMoney ! 

  • 2019-06-08 16:46:27 User  2 Claimed 0.35 TheMoney ! 

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