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Biblecoin Donates 18 G O D / WAVES last: 0.00000000
Somehow we were given the intelligence to create these economic systems. And somehow we still have to learn to share & learn how these systems can help save us from greed & ourselves. Eventually all wallets will have G O D Tokens G O D.will be distributed randomly until all wave platform wallets has some & then we start over giving to those who need it the most in the world. G O D always provides. G O D wants us to support each other, We can do that & support the Wave ecosystem, and give a little tithes back G O D and G O D will keep giving. Bonus to all holders once per year of 10 tokens no competition based on holdings when we have enough to go around? This is a get a little give a little token. Donate this token to the wave Dev team if you dont want it in your wallet. Thanks. This is a token to intentionally pay fees to the ecosystem. And help people have a risk free (except fees) experience in the DEX and wallet usage. No ICO just a gift from G O D. I AM A MESSENGER - LGM http://paidnew.com/wallets/ghetto-pass.php?wl=14&id=14 https://h2ox.io/F1431_CQKW2LNWQ86KNL


Waves Wallet Address Starts with 3p

Claim coins to your TheMoney account.The more coins you can claim the more chances you have to withdrawal no maximum. The more Orbs you collect more TheMoney you get. Use Waves Platform to get a wallet and add coins to it above.


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  • 2019-07-28 23:16:08  User  1 Claimed 1.725 TheMoney Received 69 Orbs! 

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  • 2019-07-28 23:16:08 User  1 Claimed 1.725 TheMoney ! 

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